About us

204, 4 BAN 1, KIRIGA-OKA, SENRIYAMA, SUITA, OSAKA, 565-0844 JAPAN        
TEL.81-6-6378-3404, FAX.81-6-6378-3405
Email: m-katsuki@wintree.com

Logo means World Trade and Balance.
Balance is most important in international business.


All the industrial commodities have each product life and almost of countries have each country risk, which is the reason why we have been exporting various kinds of products to all over the world since 1975 in order to keep the balance.


It is our mission to introduce and distribute the latest products to all over the world quickly.
It is our motto to offer whatever you wish to import from Japan quickly.


Our business started with testing machines to be used for quality control and improvement in all the industrial fields such as Plastic, Rubber, Leather, Synthetic leather, Electric cord, Magnet wire, Paper, Pulp, Package, Container, Paint, Pigment, Fiber, Yarn, Textile, Petroleum, Metal, Spring, Automobile, Agriculture, etc.


We are, therefore, very familiar with all the industrial fields and have a wide and strong connections with many leading manufacturers of Machinery, Valves, Measuring equipments, Chemical products, etc. and are in a position to offer you any kind of industrial products at most competitive prices in addition to the above testing machines.


Please, therefore, make use of our services for your better purchase whenever you wish to import something from Japan.