About us

Main export items:

  1. Testing machines for Plastic, Rubber, Leather, Synthetic leather, Electric cord, Magnet wire, Paper, Pulp, Package, Container, Paint, Pigment, Fiber, Yarn, Textile, Petroleum, Metal, Spring, Cement & concrete, Automobile, Agriculture, etc.
  2. Valves (for Petrochemical, Petroleum refinery, Electric power, Gas, LNG, Food plant and all other industries):
    Cast iron valve, Ball valve, Pressure regulating valve, Bronze valve, Bellows valve, Main steam isolation valve, Diaphragm valve, Cast steel valve, Forged steel valve, Stainless steel valve, Twin-pack valve, High pressure valve, Automatic valve, Automatic mixing valve, Automatic non-freeze valve, Temperature/pressure regulating valve, Butterfly valve, Wafer check valve, Solenoid valve, Bellows seal valve, Bellows seal high vacuum valve, Metal diaphragm valve, Bellows joint, Special alloy steel valve, Breather valve, Ultra-high vacuum valve, High-vacuum valve, Brass valve, Gas valve, Marine valve, Safety & relief valve, Needle check valve, Rapid check valve, Aluminum valve, Valve & cock for water works, Piston valve, Cylinder valve, Gate valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Needle valve, Angel valve, Axis flow valve, Plug valve, Piston valve, Emergency valve, Flash bottom valve, Drain valve, Motor valve, Vent valve, Exhaust valve, Malleable valve, Back pressure valve, Gas cylinder valve, Ultra clean valve, Ductile iron valve, Hammerless check valve, Float valve, Sluice valve, Flow regulating valve, Knife gate valve, Pinch valve, EP valve, Cryogenic valve, Radiator valve, Multi-tight valve, Nuclear power plant valve, Thermal power plant valve, Pilot operated safety relief valve,
    Mixing valve, Steam trap, Gas trap, etc.
  3. Chemical products:
    Aluminium oxide, Alminium nitride, Alminium oxide, Alminium hydroxide, Aluminium sulphate, Acetic anhydride, Acrylonitrile, Acetic acid, Acetic anhydrate, Acryl amide, ABS, Adipic acid, Anion resin, Ammonium sulphate, Ammonium chloride, Ammonium nitrate,
    Ammonium shlphate, Amino acid powder, Antimony trioxide, Azodicarbonamide, Aromas, APP
    Benzoinethylether, Barium sulphate, Bismuthoxychloride, Boron nitride, Bleaching powder,
    Calcium carbide, Calcium chloride granular, Calcium nitrate, Calcium hypochlorite, Calcium propionate, Calcium phosphate, Carbon fiber, Carbitol acrylate, Carbitol acetate, Castor oil, Chloninated paraffin, Citric acid, Cinnamic acid, Chloroform, Coated sulpher, Copper sulphate, Copper cyanide, Copper bromide, Colloidal silica, Cobalt oxide, Crude iodine, Crude carbolic acid, Chromium sulphate, Carboxylic acid, Activated carbon
    DET resin, Dicumyl peroxide, Diethanol amine, D.I.N.P., D.O.P.
    EDTA-2Na, Electroconductive titanium dioxide, Epoxidized soya bean oil, Ethylene glycol di-acetate, Ethyl acrylate monomer, 2-Ethyl hexanol, Ethylamine
    Formic acid, Fluoro silane, Flame retardant agent for PP resin
    Glycolic acid, Graphite powder
    Hydrasine, Hydroquinone, Hydrated lime, Hydrochloric acid, HIPS
    Maleic anhydride, Methylene chloride, 2-Mercapto ethanol, Meta xylene, Mica, Mercapto acetic acid, Menthol crystal, Methyl iso butyl ketone, Mono butyl meta cresol (MBMC),
    Monopropylene glycol
    Napthenic acid, Neodimium, Neopentyl glycol, Nickel oxide, Nickel chloride, Nickel sulphate, ODCB
    Para-dichlorobenzene, PAC, Para-formaldehyde, PET, PES, Perchloro ethylene, PC resin,
    2-Phenyl indole, Platinium chloride, Potassium nitrite powder, Potassium cyanide, Potassium iodide, Potassium carbonate, Potassium sorbate, Potassium humic acid, Phosphate potassium, Phthalic anhydride, Piperagine, Polyethylene glycol, Polyethylene wax emulsion, Poly vinyl alcohol, Polymeric, Propionic acid, Pure meta cresol, PMMA, Polystyrene, Tosa emery extra, Tosa abrasive, Bead & cutwire, Color blast, etc.
  4. Machinery:
    For Paint industry:
    Mecha gaper, Grain mill, Basket mill, Tornado, Ball mill, Despa, Butterfly twin mixer, Concentric twin despa, Eccentric twin despa, Despa mill, Planetary mixer, Ram press, Combi mixer, Batch mill, Washer, Vibration sifter, Hydraulic pump unit, Paint shaker, Vacuum de-airing, Viscometer, Coating machine, Film making machine, Pin hole detector,
    Airless spray (Normal temperature, Hot, Electrostatic, 2 liquid, High viscosity type), etc.
    For Plastic & rubber industry:
    Compression molding machine, Blown film manufacturing equipment, FRP spraying machine, Extruder, Rubber injection molding machine, Kneading extruder, Vacuum forming machine, Vacuum casting equipment, Thermoplastic injection molding machine, Thermosets injection molding machine, Foam molding machine, Components and machine parts for molding machinery, etc.
    For Textile industry:
    Yarn dyeing machine, Piece dyeing machine, Laboratory dyeing machine, Auto-screen printing machine, On-line viscometer, Voltage application type charge eliminator, Electrostatic measuring devices, Self discharge type charge eliminator, Charge removing type dust collector, Electrostatic applicator, Automatic antistatic coating system, Corona surface treater, etc.
    For Agriculture:
    Forage cutter, Fertilizer spreader, Forage harvester, Drum mower, Rotary hay maker, Square baler, Round baler, Tractor, Nondestructive sugar meter, etc.
    For Surface finish industry:
    Dry barrel, Dry centrifugal barrel, Vibratory barrel, Drier, Magnetic separator, Vibration separator, etc.
    For Inspection & inspection services:
    Nondestructive inspection devices (X-ray, Eddy current, MTPT, Ultrasonic wave), etc.
    For Various industries:
    Packaging & converting machinery:
    Bag making & filling machine, Counting machine, Shrink packing machine, Sealing machine, Twist packing machine, Vacuum packing machine, Binding machine, etc.
    Lubricant agent:
    Lubricant oil, Cutting oil, Plastic forming oil, Heat treating oil, Rust proof oil, Grease, Synthetic lubricant oil, Metal cleaning agent.
  5. Others:
    Negative pressure type air purification unit for infection prevention.
    Automotive parts: Engine, transmission, suspension, and brake parts for Japanese vehicles.

Main customer countries:

China, Taiwan, Korea, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, U.A.E., Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Germany, U.K., Greece, Hungary, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.


Our Bank:

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Minamimorimachi Branch,
2-1-29 Minamimorimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan


It is exporters’ mission to offer whatever customers want to buy from Japan.
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